Cerise 3-Wheel Jogger £10 @ Littlewoods

Cerise 3-Wheel Jogger £10 @ Littlewoods

Littlewoods has marked the Cerise 3-Wheel jogger kids toy down from £36 to only £10 – that’s a saving of £26 (well over half the original price) and it comes with free delivery. And yes, it is a kid’s toy so no real babies in here please!

I am honestly taken aback at the idea of the Cerise 3-Wheel jogger costing £36 originally. Wow. That is a lot of money for a pretend pram. For only £30 more you could probably buy a real one! Anyway, £10 is far more reasonable for this bright pink three wheel jogger for little baby toys.

This doll’s pushchair has a canopy and a comfortable EVA handle grip – that description made me laugh. An EVA grip? For a child’s toy? It seems a little excessive. Anyway, there is even an under seat storage net and the handle sits at 59cm high making it ideal for kids over the age of three.

Thanks to missgem at HUKD!


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