Casdon Breakfast Set £7.98 @

Casdon Breakfast Set £7.98 @

This is a very cute little breakfast set from Casdon that has been designed to look exactly like a Breville kettle and toaster. The set usually costs £9.99 but has been reduced to £7.98. And, of course, all the lovely stuff at comes with free delivery.

The Casdon breakfast set offers a realistic toy kettle and toaster that have been designed to look like the Breville range of products. The kettle has an imitation water gauge and lid and the toaster comes with two slices of pretend toast that can be inserted into the toaster.

You can even twist the timer and wait for the toast to pop out, just like the real thing! The Casdon breakfast set is great for preschoolers who learn by acting out and copying what their parents do and the age range for this set is three and up.

I love this little set, it is just too cute. In fact, I am a fan of Breville stuff anyway and would love to have the real life version of this set in my kitchen.

Thanks to Daddyd1976 at HUKD!


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