Casdon 628 Shopping Basket £3 @ Amazon

Casdon 628 Shopping Basket £3 @ Amazon


I love these cute little toy shopping baskets! My daughter got one of these a while ago and I am still enchanted by the mini bottles of name branded juice and packets of cereal and fishfingers. It is just too cute for words. Amazon has marked this one down from £5 to £3 including free delivery.

The Casdon toy shopping basket is pretty good value for money even at the original price of £5 but now it is down to £3 it is pure thievery. You get a bunch of bright and colourful products with branded Birds Eye boxes and Baxter’s Tins too. It is perfect for play shopping and ages three and up.

There isn’t any more detail on the site as to what specifically you get in the shopping basket but I guess there is more than enough to supplement a toy shop or cash register toy or even a toy house. My daughter loves the little shopping basket even more than the toys themselves!

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!


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