Carousel Train Table Set £30 (was £59.95) @ Tesco Direct

Carousel Train Table Set £30

If you're looking for a train table they don't come much better value than this one, as it's half price at Tesco Direct. Carousel Train Table Set was £59.95 at full price, but right now it's down to just £30, and that's the best price I have seen for a set like this!

This is a wooden play table decorated with a rail and road scene on the top and on the legs and sides, plus a train set as well.

The table measures 83cm in length, and it makes a perfect surface for kids to play with blocks, cars, or anything else they fancy as well as the train set that's included.

The wooden train set has 56 pieces, including the track, a suspension bridge and blocks to raise the track up nice and high. You get an engine and two carriages, plus lots of accessories blocks to build up the scenery, like a castle, windmill, boat, buildings, trees and people.

This would make a super Christmas present for children, and is something that will get played with all the time, so for just £30 I think it's brilliant value for money.

You can click and collect for free from Tesco stores, or home delivery costs just £3.

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  • Emma-Louise T.

    this is what i ordered the boys xxx

  • Cadey R.

    £30 it's a bloody bargain an all x

  • Katy W.

    Wow!!! this is similar to Rowan's but a hell of a lot cheaper! Smyths do a good one as well :grinning:

    • Kerri B.

      Thanks hun that's fab&a great find just on with ordering it xxx

    • Kerri B.

      Thanks hun that's fab great find. Just on with ordering it xx

  • Leanne D.

    How good is that. I wad gonna pay 80 last year for one similar x

  • Jo-Anne C.

    That would be good for Christmas actually. He prefers to play with the wooden ones xxx

  • Jo D.

    It's a bargain X Put it away for his birthday xx

  • Jeni B.

    Aw it looks good but ive no room for it haha x

  • Emma H.

    Love it but just no space for it! X

  • Sadie J.

    Oh my wow. I haven't anywhere to put it :( though I know he would love it!!

  • Debbie-Jane W.

    That's brill xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Danielle M.

    We saw that earlier. Don't get much with it though x

  • Sarah D.

    I'd love one, just trying to think where it could go? Xx

  • Claire H.

    Cheers but want more track

  • Claire C.

    Awwww this looks amazing xxxx

  • Kerry S.

    He would love that but we have just finished his main presents just stocking now

  • Lisa B.

    I like this but is it online ordering ???

  • Ashley M.

    Aww wow that's ace :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Joanna C.

    If you are thinking of this for a 2yr old and up then id look else where. We had this for nursery for the bigger kids and ended up going in th baby room as its very small in size and very low to.the floor no bigger than a rectangular coffee table

  • Stacy R.

    Thanks for that I had looked at it a few weeks ago but it went back up to full price when I went to buy it. Didn't think they'd reduce it again! Xx

  • Joanna H.

    No space! But he's love it xx

  • Phillipa M.

    Yeah!!! Kids would love it

  • Lauren P.

    He would LOVE this but where would I keep it lol xx

  • Karen M.

    I knew he would love it ..I think it's around the size of a coffee table but it's where to put it xx

  • Jemma B.

    I like these would defo have if I had a boy X

  • Emma M.

    Thanks ive ordered it xxx

  • Lucy P.

    Omg yes!! Was thinking about the trains last night!! :grin:we have to have it!!

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