(Expired) Care Bears Giant 50cm Share Bear £12.50 (With eCoupon) @ Tesco Direct

(Expired) Care Bears Giant 50cm Share Bear £12.50 (With eCoupon) @ Tesco Direct


Who remembers Care Bears? Chances are if you were a child of the eighties then you whinged for one until your mum and dad gave in. I was Care Bear daft and you can see why...they are SO cute. Force your childhood on your little one and grab this Care Bears Giant 50cm Share Bear from Tesco Direct. It is selling for £25 but use eCoupon TD-GTHG at the checkout and it's yours for just £12.50. That eCoupon is for today only so be quick!

This Care Bear Giant Share Bear is big and purple with paw prints on it's feet. As it's the Share Bear it has two lollypops embroidered on it's tummy. That's how you identify a Care Bear, by the picture on it's belly. This one also has the trademark love heart nose.

Care Bears are notorious for their luxurious, velvety plush fur and this one seems no different. It looks ever so snuggly, so if you have a little one who does like soft toys then why not introduce them to Care Bears?

You can Click and Collect your Care Bear order for FREE from Tesco or pay £3 for home delivery.

Thanks to Mightymoosie @ HUKD


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