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17 July 2010

Tomy Quack Shot Game 1 If you want to have a really great laugh with your kids then Quack Shot is it. Although I have to say it does dent the ego a bit when you find that you've been easily beaten by a four year old.  Children seem to have remarkable hand/eye co-ordination these days! Toys R Us are giving a Quack Shot Game (normally £14.99) away free with any other Tomy Game bought.

The website describes the game as a "shooting gallery style action game featuring ducks with attitude!" What you need to do is shoot the farmyard animals off the carousel in the centre. There is some strategy involved though. The winner is the duck with the same colour as the last barnyard animal standing. So, if you're red for example, you want to shoot all the blue, green and yellow animals while leaving the red ones standing. Trust me it is a lot harder than you think. Although the kids find it hysterical when mummy accidentally hits one of her animals!Tomy Quack Shot Game 2

Between two and four players can play the game. If you don't need to buy another Tomy game, then go directly to the Tomy site. It is on special offer there, marked down from £14.99 to £4.99.

Thanks to TaylorUK at HUKD!

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