Build Your Own Den 75 Piece Kit £9 (Using Code) @ The Works

Build Your Own Den Kit @ The Works

I spotted this awesome Build Your Own Den Kit at The Works for £12. However you can get an extra 25% off today only when you enter the code SAVE25 at the checkout, making the Den Kit just £9.

This kit contains 75 pieces with a mixture of sturdy plastic rods and connectors so that children can create and build their very own custom made den.

They can make their own design such as a fort, an igloo, a castle, a school, a rocket or whatever they want, then pop a blanket or sheet over the top and enjoy the den.

It will require adult help as some of the connectors can be a bit tricky. It's a great rainy day activity for indoors but can also be used outside on a sunny day to provide a bit of shade.

Don't forget you have until midnight to take advantage of the 25% off when you spend £10 or more.

Click and collect is free of charge, home delivery is free on orders of £20 or more, or costs £2.99 when you spend less.

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  • Megan O.

    this would keep Ethan busy I've got it for Ryan can make a lot of different things x

  • Gayle S.

    boys will prob like that looks like you can build a rocket! .

  • Kelly M.

    Mason would love this xx

  • Jenny M.

    if you are in would check if have this please would love it xx

  • Megan F.

    you should get it for him x

  • Emily F.

    yes I will.pop in tomorrow x

  • Paul S.

    Yeah shall I order him one for his BDay?

  • Anna S.

    :joy::joy::joy: at least it’s not just us that couldn’t do it

  • Jane D.

    Our girls have this & love it!

  • Stacey-louise J.

    Omg that looks like so much fun. Xx

  • Stu T.

    Yeh defo babe looks wicked lol xxxx

  • Ruth B.

    Ooh I didn’t, thank you! :relaxed: x

  • Susan F.

    I so have to get this for the kids x

  • Nicola H.

    They would sleep in this forever! Haha, they love making dens! Xx

  • Mel S.

    Lucy for Jamie’s Birthday?x

  • Hannah P.

    Do not buy this - it’s so difficult to build (for an adult, let alone a child) and a pain to store.

  • Becky M.

    omg I need where do I get this

  • Jacqueline B.

    Really I couldn’t put the Brio railway together I’d have no chance with this :joy:

  • Kim F.

    Was tempted until I read the bad reviews, so I’ll leave it

  • Jenny C.

    We already have this :joy::joy:

  • Kate M.

    :joy: We've got this, it's hidden on top of the wardrobe because of the arguments and upset it causes when the balls and sticks don't stay together!

  • Laura W.

    William would love this :joy:

  • Ĺynz �.

    Layla has this too it fries my brain lol

  • Alli G.

    It takes forever to work it out and the holes need to be positioned correctly for all the poles to link up. Got there eventually but hard work. Ended up getting a playtent from Halfords instead - so much easier!

  • Ciara W.

    That’s actually a good idea

  • Amy K.

    That would be fab but the comments are pretty pants :see_no_evil:

  • Amanda R.

    Wow we should try it looks really cool :sunglasses:

  • Suzanne D.

    Haha problem solving for the kids. I love it!

  • Jennifer S.

    Fab thanks Hun defo would like one for work xxx

  • Siobhan M.

    No theirs was magnetic, this one's probably a bit more robust but you'd probably need 2 sets, it doesn't look very big?

  • Victoria S.

    OMG :joy:

  • Julia S.

    I can’t move in my house as it is lol

  • Sarah M.

    Maybe pass on this one. Need to look for something similar that is sturdier x

  • Jessica C.

    Nightmare to put together and is not sturdy, at all. We’ve used it once and won’t be using it again x

  • Pamela M.

    Or just use a sheet and your bed

  • Kirsty N.

    Freddie would love this 1st Xmas prezzie x

  • Sarah S.

    We have 2 of these they're brilliant

  • Claire C.

    My youngest loves this xxx

  • Kate B.

    It isn’t a big as it looks.

  • Kelly S.

    We have one of these and although these say age 3 is actually quite small. You would need at least 2 of them for a decent size : ) More for under age 3.

  • Halie C.

    that would be good, my house is too small tho!! :/ x

  • Terri-Louise C.

    Oh my God he would! That's class x

  • Fern C.

    Elijahs bedroom isnt, ive got 2 going to do them over cohans bed on xmas morn and put all his prezzies in there, he can sleep in avas bed xmas eve xx

  • Jo P.

    Def need 2 to make anything a decent size.

  • Robert T.

    That could be my panic room

  • Callum B.

    i do think this great! chloe and josh woudl have endless fun.

  • Sarah M.

    One each? Stocking filler?

  • Kerri M.

    Looks like a dream come true!

  • Alison E.

    Out of stock already... but we can def look into buying

  • Danielle A.

    Out of stock :cry: was going to get 2!

  • Bezz T.

    Wow that’s brilliant! Xx

  • Peter M.

    Saves me bringin out the kitchen chairs tho lol

  • Jaimee R.

    Like the idea but don’t think we have space for ir

  • Danielle S.

    impulse buy - last minute for Layla’s Birthday this year built once ... never again! just get a pop up lol

  • Leigh-anne D.

    No way I'll stick to chairs and blankets atleast that can be put away within 2 mins. This just takes up space :scream: x

  • Rachael L.

    I'm going order it :grin::grin::grin:

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