Build A Bear Toys Review

build a bear

Over the last year, we've acquired two Build A Bear soft toys: a rabbit and a bear.

As an overall verdict, I have to say that they are great. The bears are well made, the accessories are super-cute, and there's enough variety and option that you're highly unlikely to buy something the intended recipient already owns.

They're also relatively unique, so you're not going to end up two or three of the same toys under the Christmas tree.

There's attention to even small details – for example, the rabbit has a tail, and her jeans (and the panties underneath!) have a hole in for the tail to go through.

Our rabbit came in jeans and a t-shirt, while the bear came in full Viking regalia, complete with a material sword and shield, a Viking hat and boots. There are loads of other outfits to choose from too – a jedi knight, Christmas costumes, and various fairy tale costumes, as well as 'fashion' clothing, formal clothings, sports and swim wear.

There's also a plethora of accessories, from health care to electronics to furniture to go with your new furry Build A Bear friend.

All Build A Bears come in a cardboard 'house' complete with windows and doors for safekeeping. We sealed up the windows on ours and use them for storing small toys.

We love them and will be adding to our her collection this Christmas too.

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