Brio Freight Goods Station £12.90 Was £21.99 @ Amazon

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Goodness me, this is a great deal if you know a little one who loves Brio or is very into construction play. Amazon is selling the Brio Freight Goods Station for just £12.90 right now, reduced from £21.99.

This stuff was THE must-have piece of play kit when my lads were little, and it is normally NOT cheap. Except at this price!

Included in this set you'll get a Brio freight goods station with exciting loading action for truck and train, including a crane. You can add other Brio road and rail sets to it as well, which makes it excellent value.

And check out this stellar review:

"I was a little apprehensive when my son received this for his second birthday because I thought he would be too young to manage it. However, trying to work it out is part of the educational value of this toy and he got it pretty quickly. I think this has to be one of the best value Brio items because you don't have to add anything to play with it instantly but you can build on it to make it more interesting. I was completely amazed at how you hoist the load up, watch it fall off automatically at a certain point, push a button to drop it into the lorry, which speeds off all by itself (Physics, eh? Amazing stuff). I know, I'm easily pleased but if a 31 year old woman can be fascinated by this then that should tell you how enthralled my two year old boy was. A really clever bit of design from a company who always give you excellent quality."

Snap this up quick though because I am pretty certain these are going to absolutely fly off the shelves.

Free delivery, too!

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