Bratz On The Mic Tour Bus £12.50 @ Amazon

Bratz On The Mic Tour Bus £12.50 @ Amazon

This would make an amazing addition to the present drawer. Amazon has reduced by 75% the Bratz On The Mic Tour Bus, down from £49.99 to £12.50.

It is juvenile of me I know, but my new year's resolution is to just be at peace with being completely and utterly silly. At least once in a while. And you know what caught my eye about this bus? The reason why I had HAD to write about it (apart from being a phenomenal bargain of course)? It is the bathroom-sized toilet sat prominently in the middle of the bus.

OK so the interior is basically just a bathroom, complete with shower (clearly while on tour, hygiene is far more important to a Bratz doll than comfort). But still. My mind just kept imagining it if this was a REAL tour bus. Water in the bowl sloshing about! The logistics of having a daily constitutional while sat in the middle of everyone.

But I digress. There's more to this bus - like the fact that it will play music from your MP3 player for example. Not only is this cool pink bus the perfect place for the Bratz to relax between shows (providing your idea of relaxing is to brush your teeth, put on makeup, have a shower, and use the loo while in full view of everyone on a moving vehicle), the roof doubles as a stage so they can give roadside performances whenever the mood takes them.

More importantly, the Tour Bus puts you in control of the set list. Simply plug your MP3 player into the speakers and choose your favourite tracks to play. The speakers are also compatible with the Bratz on the Mic dolls' microphones, sold separately.

Features: Working speakers Elevating stage platform Removable seats Flip-down DJ booth Driving console / lounge seats Built in kitchen and bathroom Rock accessories The Bratz on the Mic Tour Bus doesn't come with any Bratz, but makes a fab accessory for the On the Mic dolls Cloe , Yasmine , and Jade.

Thanks to mummy2tow at HUKD!


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