Botched Operation Game £15 @ The Entertainer

Or get two for £27 with promo code BF10!
Botched Operation Game £15 @ The Entertainer

I had a good chuckle when I saw the latest edition of that favourite childhood game, Operation. It's called Botched Operation and is around £20 from most places, but just £15 over at The Entertainer.

You can of course get it cheaper if you're spending £30+ by using promo code BF10 which saves you 10% off.

Botched Operation Game

The Botched Operation Game is a twist on the classic. If you want nonsense then this is the game for you and those older children (suitable for aged 16 and above).

Cavity Sam is ready waiting for you to mess him up, as you have 30 seconds to remove as many ailments as possible. Just make sure you don't touch the sides - that's not all - in this new edition you must also do this whilst fulfilling the challenges.

Challenges include not using your thumbs when operating, closing one eye or even balancing the operating table on another player.

Guaranteed to make you all giggle.

You can Click and Collect the Botched Operation Game for free from a The Entertainer store, or pay £2.99 (free when you spend £39.99).


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