BOGOF On Toys @

BOGOF On Toys @

base2Whoo hooo! Hello Christmas stocking stuffers, emergency presents, birthday surprises and Good Girl treats! Ok, please don’t hit me for using the C word but I tend to start preparing early so I don’t get a big financial hit in December, I am obviously pathetic...

The toys on offer are quite varied and include Star Wars, Sylvanian Families, Ben10, Gormiti, Power Rangers, Transformers, Terminator and Peppa Pig.

To start with parents who’ve been sucked into Sylvanian Families will be delighted by the huge range on offer. You can nab the different figurines such as Persian Cat Family or Koala Family, or you can get bathroom sets and so forthbase.

There are also Peppa Pig accessories, Thomas the Tank Engine, Fireman Sam collectables and even Timmy Time nightlights. Boys will enjoy the WWE Wrestling figures, army infantrymen and other such toys too. Although I’m not gender biased so I vote for girls to enjoy those too.

Happy hunting for your perfect toys!

Thanks to loll1es at HUKD!


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  • d s.
    toys are all way over priced