Bob Kat Sledge £7.49 @ Argos

Bob Kat Sledge £7.49 @ Argos

Last year these Bob Kat Sledge's were £10 each, and totally sold out as soon as the snow hit. And the same the year before that. I know because I tried to buy one, so last year I made sure I bought a sledge in advance. Sure enough, as soon as it snowed you couldn't find one for love nor money. Now Argos has them on offer for £7.49.

My son's sledge was a total lifesaver during last year's mega snows here in London. We don't often get snow on the ground, so EVERYTHING ground to a halt. On the hard packed snow, the sledge just flew along with hardly any pulling effort. Was handy for bringing the shopping home since we couldn't get the car out of the drive!

We also went sledging just about every day. We took the sledge to school with us - there's a park right next door on a hill - and got in an hours worth of sledging before the bell rang. It was the only time EVER that my son couldn't wait to get dressed into his uniform and leave the house!

The Bob Kat Sledge has a rope for pulling it around, and holding one when you go flying down the hill. There are foot and seat indents and rests. My son preferred to lie on the sledge, and whizz down the hill head first though! It takes weights up to 60kg, which is not something I noticed when I bought it for him. Both his dad and I have had a go, and as 60kg is somewhere between 9 and 10 stone I'm not saying another word!

One good thing about all that sledging though, I lost nearly a stone in weight with all the extra exercise.

Thanks to OldEnglish at HUKD!



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