Bob The Builder Talkie Talkie Scoop Digger £8.99 @ Amazon

28 October 2011

This would make an ace Christmas gift. The Bob the Builder Talkie Talkie Scoop truck has been marked down from £19.99 to only £8.99 which is a whopping saving of £11 off the original price. Not bad for a big, yellow truck.

The Bob the Builder Talkie Talkie Scoop doesn’t come with any information on the Amazon website at all. Although there is one review and the chap is raving about how fabulous it is and how it is all his son will ever play with.

It certainly is very bright and cheerful. As I sit here on this gloomy morning with the sun hidden behind the clouds, this Bob the Builder Scoop is a bright shiny spot in the room. It has quite a few appendages with two different kinds of scoop, the cute Bob the Builder style face on the front and big black wheels.

It seems a decent toy for nearly £9 but I can’t see why anyone would pay nearly £20.

Thanks to Headingley_Lad at HUKD!

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