Bob The Builder Interactive Construction Site £15.00 @ Debenhams

6 January 2011

Bob The Builder Set

Bob The Builder has a whole Interactive Construction Site which is currently on sale at Debenhams for £15.00, which is a great saving off the original £50.00 price tag. It's also still £44.99 at and £39.99 on Amazon.

The Bob the Builder Interactive Construction Site is a modular play centre complete with an electronic recognition system.

The play set detects when any of the supplied Machine Team vehicles move forwards or backwards and sounds a beep or one of several character phrases relating to the moving vehicle. The Construction set intuitively knows when the lift and crane are being moved and responds with appropriate phrases.

The barriers can be raised and lowered to control vehicle access, and the set can be constructed in as many was as a child's imagination will allow.

In the box you'll get a working vehicle lift, turn handles to operate the crane, a cement mixer, Bob and three talking vehicles.

Delivery is free, and will take around four days.

Thanks to redvers from HUKD

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  • Esther H.
    Hi - Could you please tell me if you will be getting any more Bob the Builder Construction sites in? And the postage cost to Melbourne, Australia? Many Thanks, Esther
  • Lynley O.
    To contact the retailer Esther, click on the link in the copy above (it is the blue text) and look for the Contact link on their page.

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