Blooming Marvellous Promotion Code: 20% Discount


This promotion code from Blooming Marvellous will give you 20% discount off everything across their entire range with no minimum spend necessary.

Blooming Marvellous have been around for a long time now and were one of the first ports of call for me when I was preggars with my eldest - a mere 16 years ago now! EEK!

Their maternity wear is just wonderful and has something for everyone for pretty much every occasion - having a quick look-see around whilst testing this code I was still impressed with the broad range of styles.  Short-sleeved tops for warm summer days (oh please let it be summer soon!) GREAT jeans for going out and about in and fab pyjamas for lounging around in.

bm1However, don't be fooled into thinking that Blooming Marvellous is just a place for pregnant mums!  They have a whole range of clothes for babies - tell me this sleepsuit isn't CUTE - a nursery essentials department, bags and accessories and toys and gifts - I love this activity spiral toy!

I really don't have enough room to be able to tell you about everything that Blooming Marvellous have to offer so you're just going to have to go and have a look for yourself but I'd grab a cup of coffee before you mooch on over to could be there for some time!

Thanks to magicbeans over at HUKD!

P.S. There's also a great promotion code for 20% discount @ Mumstheword!

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