Bloco Wild Cats Kit £9.99 Was £19.99 @Happy Puzzle

Bloco Wild Cats Kit £9.99 Was £19.99 @Happy Puzzle

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If you haven't yet come across Bloco kits, then prepare to be dazzled. This Wild Cats Bloco kit is just £9.99 at Happy Puzzle right now, reduced from £19.99.

I love finding a toy at a bargain of a prize, but 50% off is especially fabulous.

Bloco is a series of creative kits that consist of high-density foam shapes with specialised plastic connectors. The pieces link together and can rotate at any angle, so you can build flat models (easy for little ones) or stack the pieces to create more complex 3D creatures and creations.

In this Wild Cats Kit you'll get everything you need to create the animals pictured in the illustration on the box, or you can let your imagination run wild (pun intended) and create whatever takes your fancy! There are 335 pieces included in the set.

According to the product description on the Happy Puzzle website, this set is good for improving confidence and concentration, and for developing fine motor skills - so great for developing little hands ready for writing!

Happy Puzzle also sell lots of other creative 3D kits, but this is the biggest bargain that I could find on the site right now.



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