Bing Bunny Toilet Train Bing Now £15.99 @ Tesco Direct

Bing Bunny Toilet Train Bing Now £15.99

Do you have a little Bing Bunny fan at home? Then this is an offer you do not want to miss out on! You can get your hands on the Bing Bunny Toilet Train Bing for just £15.99 at Tesco Direct.

Argos are selling the same toy for £31.99 and it is also £29.99 at Asda!

The Bing Bunny Toilet Train Bing is a brilliant toy to have if you are starting potty training with your little one. Bing will let you know when he is ready to hop aboard the 'toilet train'!

Just sit him on the toilet and when he is finished the toilet will flush. Sometimes, Bing won't make it on time and will illuminate because he has wet himself.

Toilet Train Bing features phrases, games and sounds that your little one will love, especially if they are fans of watching Bing.

Home delivery is £3 or you can Click and Collect for FREE from your local Tesco store.

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  • Kimberley W.

    should have got him this :joy:

  • Emma I.

    wonder if this would help cody lol

  • Beccy S.

    Ha I seen this!!! No more Bing.... 3 Bings, duvet set & pjs xxxxx

  • Adele G.

    He watches it sometimes but I bet he’d love this x thanks Hun x

  • Emma W.

    We looked at that for Christmas funnily enough lol xx

  • Julie D.

    Who doesn’t want a toy toilet for their rabbit toy?! :rolling_eyes:

  • Finnoula C.

    Hallerious ill see if i can get one for his birthday :grin:

  • Kerry E.

    Haha I love this! Henry is obsessed with bing bunny xx

  • Melissa B.

    Yes maybe i should try this. Xx

  • Kim E.

    She loves Bing too. Thanks babe xxx

  • Lisa D.

    Ah I'm guna get her this xxx

  • Becca H.

    So cheap on here aswell!!! Xxxxx

  • Lisa D.

    I'll order it this week xxxx

  • Becca H.

    Be great for her :kissing_heart: xxxx

  • Gemma W.

    Hope this offer stays on for a bit. Need to save my pennies! He would love it!

  • James B.

    Bing could be very useful x

  • Melissa F.

    Ellie would like that, bargain too x

  • Lucy L.

    We did do the toilet train yesterday morning lol

  • Karina W.

    Yeah I got this for Roman too xx

  • Amy C.

    Yeah thank you cocka I’m gonna look into getting one! Xx

  • Rachael L.

    Ah thanks I was thinking about a doll but this would be better :thumbsup_tone1: x

  • Hayley W.

    Charlie would love this xxx

  • Aimee M.

    Aww thanks hun! We got it him for Xmas he loves it but not interested in the fact it’s to toilet train him

  • Kelly L.

    That is actually super cool!!! Xxx

  • Melanie G.

    It is isn't it and good price if works lol xx

  • Emma M.

    Thankyou! Been looking at this! Xxx

  • Lauren W.

    Omg she needs no encouragement she made me take her nappy off to sit on the toilet at the surestart centre today :joy:

  • Amy W.

    Might have to resort to this :see_no_evil: we had slight progress yesterday but not for long :poop:

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