Big Sister & Little Sister Dolls £15 @ Asda Direct

big sister little sister dolls

Now I am going to be brutally honest and say that the big dolls in this set freaks me out to the core. However, whilst this deal might not appeal to me, it will to a lot of children out there. Not to mention, it's a great buy. Head over to Asda Direct and this duo set of dolls is now only £15. It was originally £50, so you are saving a whopping £35!

The Big Sister doll measures in at a huge 31" (approx 79cm) tall and the Little Sister doll is 15.5" (approx 40cm). That's plenty of doll for £15. You also get a comb, brush and mirror.

Theses sister dolls come in matching outfits, zebra print leggings, tutus and tops saying "Big Sister & Little Sister". I do like the concept of these dolls but I just can't warm to them at all. Although, saying that, I bet I would have absolutely loved them as a child.

Collect the Big Sister and the Little Sister dolls for FREE from your local Asda store or pay £2.95 and have them delivered to your front door.

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