Bertie Bots Every Flavour Beans Review

Last year, with my baby just four days old, I went to the opening of the Harry Potter Warner Studio's tour. I absolutely loved it, and love Harry Potter and everything about it. I was a bit shocked at the shop at the end, however, to see the prices of some of the merchandise, and didn't end up buying much of anything, although I was dying to try the sweets from Honeydukes. I did think the Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans were expensive though and I wasn't sure if the flavours on the packaging are really the flavours in the bag. 

The things is, these are a novelty pack of sweets. They're between £6 - £9 for a small pack of jelly beans, but they do last for ever because you can't just eat a hand full - you eat one at a time, and you sometimes take a bit of time between them too. They're psychologically a weird sweet too, because you're pretty apprehensive about getting the bad flavours. The good flavours are lovely, but the bad ones are vile. 

In the pack you get a variety of 20 flavour beans. Ten of them are fabulous flavours, cherry, banana, marshmallow, tutti-frutti, green apple, candyfloss, and blueberry are all very pleasant. My favourite is the watermelon, which has a great taste. The strongest flavour is the cinnamon, which pretty much has the effect of a shot of cinnamon schnaps on your sinuses. It's potent.

Some of the flavours are not exactly yumm, but not vile either. The pepper, for example, is very peppery, and actually sticks in your throat like powdered pepper does. It's not a bad flavour, just not what you expect from a sweet. The same goes for the sausage.

The worst flavour is the rotten egg. Man. It is so bad, one bite and you'll be spitting it out. It is FOUL. I don't think we've had a vomit flavour in our bag. I can't say I'm gutted. The earwax - like the one Dumbledore gets in the movie isn't foul, but it isn't pleasant either - a little like the soap flavour. The weird thing with the soap is that it actually feels a bit soapy in your mouth.  How do they do that?! The last two flavours, grass and booger, weren't as unmistakably distinguishable as the rest.

As you can imagine these sweets are E-number riddled. The insert actually comes with a warning that the products may not be suitable for children and can cause attention and energy issues.

I don't imagine that it's something you'd buy routinely. The bad flavours are really bad. For a novelty, these are great, and I'm glad I had a pack, but I wouldn't stock up every time I saw them.  It's an odd thing to review. I totally LOVED it, but wouldn't buy it just for snacking.

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