Ben 10 Comic Maker Kit £4.80 @ Amazon

ben10 Lately we’ve been having some issues with Amazon specials with them suddenly expiring, or the amount suddenly changing so apologies in advance if this has changed by the time you read it. Needless to say, if you find this as I did, you will see a comic maker kit for only £4.80 including free delivery.

The kit is perfect for all budding comic artists and writers. Here you can create your own cartoon strips using pre-printed background artwork, characters, speech balloons, titles and more. The set includes over 250 stickers, 12 scene sheets, 10 pens, two pencils and an eraser, and is ideal for kids older than seven.

This is a fab tool for encouraging your children to unleash their imaginations and creativity. They can spend many happy hours creating their own Ben 10 comic books from scratch. And you can spend many proud moments oben102gling their handiwork with pride.

This price, plus the free delivery, put this at the top of the Easter holiday entertainment list and definitely makes it a cunning inclusion in our crafty parents month of fun.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!


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