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7 June 2010

Ben10 Do you know who Ben 10 is? If the answer is no, then the chances are that you don’t have a young lad in your life! If the answer is yes, then you’ll definitely be interested in this bargain. The recommended price is £9.99 according to although to be honest, I have seen these card tins around for £4.99. Even so this is still a good deal at £2.99 including free delivery.

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ben10-2According to the manufacturer “The Ben 10 Collectible Card Game fuses the action of the TV series by allowing players to transform into their favourite aliens and defeat the forces of evil.” Well not quite sure how that works as they’re just cards! A bit of imagination is required I think. My son already spends ages looking through the cards he has, and I have no idea what’s going through his head. Still anything to get them reading.

Each Ben 10 collectible card game tin contains four booster packs and one exclusive Holo card. The four boosters are made up of two boosters from series one and two from the as yet series two.

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