Beanie Puppy Baxter £2 Or 3 For £5 @ Matalan

18 December 2011

Now this is a much better deal than that silly Innotab. Here you can get three Beanie Puppies for £5 or one Beanie Puppy Baxter for only £2. The price includes free delivery using the code outlined below. Oooh, Merry Christmas!

These gorgeous cuddy toy dogs are now available in miniature and you can collect all of them thanks to this ace deal. They are not suited for kids under the age of 18 months due to pile shedding by the way. So yes, like a real dog, these little cuties will shed on your carpet, sofa and business outfit.

Looking at the screen you can get a spotty dude, a pink poodle type dog, a black and white one, a chocolate and white one, a husky and a dalmation. I have spent a bit of time poking around the site to try and figure out how you know which puppy you get.

By the looks of things you ONLY get Baxter and not the others as there is nothing saying that you can choose which one, nor is there any other listing for a Beanie puppy on the site. So I honestly couldn’t tell you if you’d get three of one or if it is pick ‘n mix. Your free delivery code is FREEBL7X3!

Thanks to sarajhmm at HUKD!

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