Batman 6V Electric Motorcycle £99.99 (was £149.99) @ Smyths Toys

Batman 6V Electric Motorcycle £99.99 (was £149.99) @ Smyths Toys

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If you are thinking of what to get for that one big Christmas gift then imagine your child's face if they got this on Christmas morning! The Batman Motorcycle has a third off at Smyths Toys, reduced from £149.99 to £99.99, and that includes delivery.

This is an electric ride on with a rechargeable 6V battery, and it also comes with mini stabilisers so that young batfans won't have too much trouble keeping upright whilst riding.

They aren't going to be whizzing off too fast as it has a top speed of 4.5mph, so think milk float rather than motorbike. It's got all terrain wheels, an electric brake, and only has one direction so you can only go forwards on it, but that sounds like it's going to be nice and easy to ride.

It;s not suitable for under 3's and it has a maximum weight limit of 25kg but I have no idea what sort of age that would cover I'm afraid. I'm pretty sure that I would be too heavy for it though. Gutted. ;)


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