Batman Day: Harley Quinn & Joker @ Build-A-Bear

Harley Quinn & Joker @ Build-A-Bear

It's Batman Day, and for one day only Harley Quinn and Joker have staged a takeover off Build-a-Bear! As an online exclusive you can get the new Harley Quinn and Joker Bears, and they look amazing!

It says it's for one day only to celebrate 25 years of Harley Quinn, and these bears might be disappearing soon so be quick if you want one!

The Joker* bear comes already dressed in his iconic purple and green suit, with green hair and a joker card included, all for £27.

Harley Quinn* comes dressed in her harlequin outfit with mallet included, and she's also priced at £27.

These would make awesome gifts for DC and comic book fans, and there will be plenty of adults as well as kids who are hoping to snap these up!

These are online exclusives so you won't find them in stores, and home delivery costs £3.25.

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  • Samantha H.

    need to get the joker for alfie for Xmas :heart_eyes:

  • Stacey M.

    Jesus, got to get these :raised_hands_tone2: Thanks!

  • Stacey M.

    Defiantly! Don will burst

  • Sally M.


  • Stacey M.

    I am ordering them now! :hugging:

  • Oliver C.

    Can we go and get one pls

  • Claire D.

    I don't like em! Lol looks abit scary :scream::scream::scream:

  • Lou A.

    Already sent em to Andy this morning lol xx

  • Hannah B.

    That's awesome!!! I need both :stuck_out_tongue: Xxxx

  • Tiárnán M.

    The we man would love these

  • Kimberley A.

    I've ordered Oliver joker for Xmas :joy:

  • Linda K.

    Thanks for letting me know. One xmas pressie sorted :wink: xx

  • Dee A.

    Can you imagine her face! :joy:xx

  • Kylie K.

    Just ordered :thumbsup_tone1::thumbsup_tone1:

  • Michele W.

    Omg no way she would love them

  • Ange K.

    Joker is awesome :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Becca H.

    There cool. But I actually think it would scare Brooke

  • Phil R.

    Now then :purple_heart: I also noticed that build-a-bear are doing pokemon. I think Maze needs a squirtle or a charizard x

  • Louise M.

    Cara loves Harley Quinn... don't tell me what to do... she's always singing that bit from the movie x

  • Abbie S.

    Seen these this morning lol love them xxx

  • Ryan F.

    :joy::joy: Got to be done :joy::joy: even though she only likes them for a day :joy::joy:

  • Alex A.

    Argh it's only on for one day!

  • Courtney-Leigh C.

    They're fab I might have to get both x

  • Charley M.

    I know! I neeeeed them xxx

  • Becky B.

    That exact one. I want to be the bear Harley Quinn :joy::joy:

  • Melanie S.

    Omg!!! Someone I know might want one of those!

  • Samantha S.

    Omg... grace would love this!! X

  • Dec B.

    They look good but kind of spoils the fun of going to the shop

  • Dec B.

    Ill probably get one to be fair

  • Stuart P.

    Love them. I'm sure oscar would too

  • Charley G.

    Thank you :blush: mum has already ordered them for kids for christmas x

  • Emma H.

    Saw this earlier and avoided showing Charlotte :joy: I just can't bring myself to pay for build a bears that the kids haven't built themselves :joy::sunglasses:

  • Leah R.

    OMG there amazing!!! Xxxx

  • Gemma H.

    Thought u might like them xxxx

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