Barbie Mini B Glam Limo £5 @ John Lewis

Barbie Mini B Glam Limo £5 @ John Lewis


This is an awesome price on the Barbie Mini B limo which is down from the usual price of £14.95 to a lovely £5 at John Lewis. It’s a very tasty discount for little Barbie fans and will make an excellent addition to the Present Cupboard too.

The Barbie Mini B limo doesn’t look as if it is for full sized Barbies, though, but rather for the mini Barbies that seem to have appeared on the scene. I’m not entirely sure I like these strange little creatures with enormous heads, but I’m sure there are loads of kids who’ll disagree with me.

This kit comes with one doll, the shocking pink limo, a chandelier (because you always need one of those in your limo, obviously), a suitcase and a brush. There is room in the limo to fit six of these mini Barbie dolls and you also get a pull-out pink carpet, a pop-up trunk with a TV and I think that the divider comes with too – it certainly looks that way in the picture.

Thanks to Dibzzy at HUKD!


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