Barbie Keyboard £14.92 @ Amazon

Barbie Keyboard £14.92 @ Amazon

barbieAmazon have a lovely little deal for young musical Barbie fans - they've reduced this Barbie Keyboard down to £14.92 instead of £29.99

I loathe Barbie.

I didn't own a Barbie or a Sindy, or any other dollies for that matter, when I was a little girl.  I liked playing with cars and go-carts - that probably explains my love of motorsport!

My daughter, however, ADORED Barbie when she was small.

She had a Barbie scooter; a Barbie bike and this hideous pink velour Barbie hairband that had a naff plastic silver 'B' on it - all of these things made me cringe, but my daughter loved them and that made me happy.

There's no doubt in my mind that she would have begged and pleaded for this Barbie keyboard too. Why have an ordinary keyboard to compose great symphonies a'la Mozart on, when you can have a BARBIE keyboard!

There's no doubt in my mind either that, if you have a little Barbie fanatic, you'll love the current deal price of this Barbie keyboard too...even if you'd be buying it through gritted teeth like I would.

It's very pink, it's very Barbie and the four AA batteries it needs to run are included.

It has volume and tempo control, record and playback functions and pre-recorded demo songs for those musical moments when inspiration abandons your young maestro.

Thanks to bitsnbobsbuyer over at HUKD!


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