Barbie Hairtastic Doll £5.52 @ Argos


I have always said that I am a trend setter! Now, I have the proof, with these Barbie Hairtastic dolls. I always coloured my Barbie's hair with my felt tips. Kids have it so easy these days. Argos are selling these pastel coloured hair dolls for just £5.52, this is a steal because go to John Lewis and these are £12.99 each. In fact that's the price they were at Argos before, they slashed the cost.

This Barbie is pretty basic by the looks of her, but with hair as long, and as funky as that, I am sure she would still make a great Christmas present for the little girl next door, or for a niece.

Each Hairtastic Barbie has hair past her teeny tiny waist, and it is either streaked or coloured blue, pink or purple. She comes with a brush, so that her hair can be kept looking fab. If I owned her, I'd be practising my plaits and braids.

You don't get to pick what colour you want, so this is one of those, send the Argos dude back to the warehouse until he gets the one you want jobs.

You can reserve and collect the Barbie Hairtastic Doll for FREE from your local Argos or pay £3.95 for delivery.

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