Barbie Glam Camper Play Set £50 @ Asda Direct

Barbie Glam Camper Play Set £50 @ Asda Direct

barbie camper van

I know that Barbie kind of slumped in popularity ten years, when Bratz came on the scene but she is still loved by many. When I was young the Camper Van was THE Barbie toy to have, and my sister got it for her Christmas. Bitter? Me? Get your little one a Barbie Glam Camper Van Play Set for just £50 at Asda Direct. They have reduced it from £94, which is way too steep a price to be real in my eyes. I see them frequently at around the £70 mark.

The Barbie Glam Camper Play Set is really just a mobile dolls' house jam packed with accessories and furniture. Things like a bathroom with a shower curtain, beds and those camping essentials  a TV, lemonade dispenser and a chandelier. You also get two chairs, a frying pan and a fire pit.And my other half says I am high maintenance, I clearly don't have a patch on Barbie.  What you don't get is any dolls with this set, so if your little one already has Barbies or Monster High dolls, then they will fit fine.

You can click and collect the Barbie Glam Camper Play Set for FREE from your local Asda store, or pay £2.95 to have it delivered.

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