Barbie Girls Glitter Hair Design Doll £9 @ Amazon

Barbie Girls Glitter Hair Doll £9 Amazon

This is the cheapest we have ever seen the Barbie Glitter Hair Design Doll. It's now only £9 at Amazon. The next best price is £15 at Tesco Direct so this is good. All the other sellers on Amazon have it for £22.49+.

The Barbie Glitter Hair Design Doll comes with a sparkly necklace, funky pair of heels, adhesive design sheets and glittery ones too. Everything one would need to turn her from a plain Jane to a shimmery Susan.

This Barbie looks like fun and a bit more special than ones you could normally pick up for under a tenner.

You can have the Barbie Glitter Hair Design Doll delivered for FREE when part of an order totalling £20+ or if you have Amazon Prime. You can sign up to Amazon Prime for a FREE 30 day trial to get that FREE next day delivery. Just cancel it before your 30 days are up. Delivery is £3.30 if none of the above apply.

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