Bandz Shaped Wristbands £3.99 @ Amazon

Bandz Shaped Wristbands £3.99 @ Amazon


These are the Phenomenon of the Year I hear, especially with the older kids. Here you have some Bandz that I don’t think are the original Silly Bandz that are sweeping the world, but rather imitations thereof. They cost only £3.99 with free delivery, down from £9.99, at Amazon.

These particular Bandz come as a random assortment of designs in five different packs. There are 60 Bandz in total and you’re guaranteed Yummy Bandz which apparently smell, well, yummy! There are 12 Bandz per pack and a bunch of different styles.

According to the site these are for kids over the age of five and apparently the scented bandz are, like, totally hard to find and exclusive dude. Ha! So if you happen to have kids who’ve been nagging you for Bandz then this may well be your chance to win massive kudos and adoration for a teeny price.

In fact, because you get so many of these, they could make fabulous stocking fillers for Christmas.

Thanks to amibees at HUKD!


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  • Tom
    THESE ARE AWESOME!!! I got them for free last week from firebox and tbh i'm tempted to get some more. In my pack there was only one which I couldn't make out what it was :( a word of advice, if at first you cant see the shape twist it a bit to see if its got tangled with itself if you get me? ok, review over, now buy them! :P