Bandai Noddy Giant Playmat Review

3 November 2011

The Noddy Giant Playmat costs £10 from Bandai and is 80x90cm in size. I was impressed with the packaging on this toy as it comes in a thin tube that doesn’t look at all giant and offers some neat storage for when you’re done with playing.

To start with the “lid” of the toy slips off easy peasy to reveal two cars. One car has Noddy and the other has the naughty goblin Gobbo in his white car. These two cars are well made, sturdy and strong enough to deal with the tough love of young hands. Seeing as the toy is aimed at kids 36 months and up, this is a plus.

Next up is the Noddy giant playmat itself. This is neatly rolled up inside the tube section of the packaging and is, I’m afraid, something of a disappointment. I expected more from a playmat that costs £10 on the Bandai website.

The mat is very thin and feels cheap. The thing is, I can see where they were going with this. The Noddy giant playmat is designed to take quite a bit of abuse and to be easily washed once kids have finished drooling, slobbering and chewing on it. I did throw mine into the washing machine and it came out looking the same.

The image on the Noddy giant playmat is great. Big roads and buildings that actively draw kids in, rich with bright colours and potential adventures. I tested it on a group of toddlers who dove in with great gusto and had a lot of fun pretending to be Noddy.

Overall I would give the Bandai Noddy Giant Playmat a good score. The price is high for a mat and two cars but the quality is good and it would make a lovely Christmas gift.


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  • LuschkaPP
    Aw, that looks lovely. My little one is just getting into Noddy at the moment :)

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