Bakugan Mechtogan Action Figure Assortment 99p Was £9.97 @Argos

If your kids are obsessed with Bakugan at the moment,  these bad boys are reduced from £9.97 to just .99p at Argos right now.

The Battle Arena is also a great price right now at just .99p too. I am reliably informed that the original price of £29.97 is a tad misleading because it's widely available elsewhere for around a tenner, so the Battle Arena is not the massive bargain that it first appears, but this is still the cheapest you're likely to find it.

I love a deal like this. At almost a tenner apiece there's no way I'd fork out on toys for no reason, and they're too small to buy as birthday or Christmas gifts as they look like not much for your money, but at less than two quid each, my kids can afford to buy a couple of these for themselves with their pocket money.

If you've no idea what these are all about, they're 3.75in action figures with 9 points of articulation that transform into a Bakugan weapon, and they come with an activation card which you swipe across the back to make the toy come to life. Not literally, I don't think. That would be pretty scary.

They are suitable for children aged five years and older.

The delivery charge is £3.95 so you're probably better off reserving these for in-store collection, which is completely free of charge.

Thanks to Jayne Skudder on our Facebook page!

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