Baby Wow Doll Just £37.99 (was £50) @ Home Bargains

Baby Wow Doll Just £37.99 (was £50) @ Home Bargains

My daughter has been asking for a Baby Wow doll constantly for the last 6 months. The advert is repeated on telly about 133 times a day and the catchy theme tune gets stuck in your head for days!

I refuse to pay the £50 price tag for it but I may just purchase one from Home Bargains now that they are down to just £37.99.

Baby Wow is an interactive doll that responds to your little one. He learns in stages just like a real baby, from newborn up to toddler. He responds to lots of voice commands and will keep your little one entertained for a long time!

You can tickle his tummy to make him laugh, play with the ball to keep him entertained and give him his dummy for comfort when he's upset. Baby Wow even crawls around and dances!

Baby Wow comes with his own dummy and ball to play with. This really is a great price, I haven't seen it come down past the £49.99 mark before.

Baby Wow is available for home delivery only, prices start from just £0.50. Don't forget to take a look in store too as he may be in stock at your local Home Bargains.


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  • Annmarie A.

    Aww she will love that :kissing_heart: xxxx

    • Adele C.

      I have him for my lg for her birthday, she will love him but he is a bit freaky in the box! If it's not covered by another box it's activated and it head butts his box (cos it crawls) it's like Chucky! Lol!

      • Sapphire D.

        There's an off switch inside nappy :) its set to try me when u buy it

        • Adele C.

          Sapphire Davies ha! Thanks for that! Will have to find the off switch until her birthday! Ax

        • Shelley M.

          If the toy is as annoying as the advert I'm not buying it haha x

          • Michelle S.

            For anyone that is interested there are plenty of these in White City Retail Park, Stretford Home Bargains x

            • Karina G.

              Yes please take them:joy::joy::joy::joy:

            • Lucy H.

              Look like the offspring of Frank Sidebottom to me! :joy:

              • Claire B.

                i knew it looked familiar :joy::joy:

              • Vicky W.

                I got one when smyths had the 20% off xx

                • Sarah S.

                  Amelia has said she wants this doll amongst the other 100 she has seen advertised on telly lol x

                  • Kelly L.

                    My daughter wants this . Ugliest doll ive seen

                    • Bex P.

                      I've already bought it :weary::weary::weary:

                      • Stacey D.

                        I think it's freaky looking, hope she doesn't ask for it!

                        • Doriane A.

                          Horrible! Plus it seems that a lot of dolls are now sold with pacifiers... Teaching children that the best way to shut a baby up is stick this monstrosity in their face? I have seen mothers pushing these in their kids mouth even if the kid wasn't crying and was trying to reject it. Oh so stupid!

                          • Claire B.

                            argh ive already bought this ugly doll & paid full price for it :angry::angry::angry::angry: