Baby Born Mummy I Can Swim Doll £8.99 @ Amazon

Baby Born Mummy I Can Swim Doll £8.99 @ Amazon

Baby Born Mummy I can swim dollA swimming toy is just fabulous for helping kids have fun in the bath, or in a swimming pool. The Baby Born Mummy I can swim doll has an RRP of £25.99. Amazon has it on offer for £8.99.

I know that Baby Born dolls are a bit of a cult classic already amongst little girls. But they're not cheap. It's good to snap up a bargain now, even if it is for Christmas. I know, I know. That's MONTHS away but you never know when something like this will come up again.

However, it could also be a fab gift for a small one to take on holiday too this summer. Or just to play with in the paddling pool in the back garden. I'm speaking here from the experience of the Action Man swimming figure, but I'm sure the principle is the same!

When placed into water My Little Baby Born Mummy I Can Swim makes swimming movements with both her arms and legs. According to one reviewer on the site, the doll makes a mechanical noise when swimming, but her children didn't seem to mind this.

It comes with a cute purple swim suit, flippers for her feet and snorkel for her face. My Little Baby Born Mummy I Can Swim is, according to the website, a great way to encourage role play among little girls.

Another reviewer comments that it is a bit smaller than the normal dolls, although she didn't find that a drawback as it meant it fit in the swimming bag for trips to the pool a lot easier.

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