Baby Born Interactive Doll Now £22 (was £42.49) @ Tesco Direct

Baby Born Interactive Doll Now £22 (was £42.49) @ Tesco Direct

EDIT: Out of stock

If you're on the look out for a doll for your little one this Christmas then you can not go wrong with this Baby Born Interactive Doll. My daughter has this baby and she loves it, it really does do it all. Wait until I tell you about the price!

The Baby Born Interactive Doll normally retails at Tesco Direct for £42.49 but it is currently on offer for just £22! This is an absolute steal, I haven't ever seen this doll go down less than £30 before, so expect them to sell fast!

The Baby Born Interactive Doll has lots of life like features like eating and using the potty. Baby Born can eat sachets of baby food which are included. Baby Born also drinks real water, cries real tears, opens and closes her eyes, sits on the potty and even wees!

Another great feature of this doll is the fact that it is fully bathable. There aren't many dolls on the market that can go in the bath or paddling pool so this really is a great feature. Baby Born comes with lots of accessories too so this really is a great deal of toy for your money!

You can collect your Baby Born Doll from your local Tesco for free or home delivery will cost you an extra £3.

Thanks to Emily on Facebook.


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  • Samantha S.

    Already got it :joy::heart:xx

    • Tracey W.

      Yay thanks just ordered one :blush:

      • Stephanie G.

        I will have to have a look, thanks Hun x

        • Elizabeth M.

          Ave already got it boo!! Xxx

          • Sam L.

            Oooh thank you :blush: I'll look into this! Perfect for her :heart: xx

            • Jodie K.

              This just made my day!! My daughter was deaperate for this for her birthday in 10 days but no way was i paying full price!! Have just ordered this now!! Thank you very much!!

              • Kellyann B.

                Cost me £45 a few weeks ago :tired_face: xx

                • Jodie K.

                  Oh no :( i had litterally planned to go to smyths tomorrow and buy it xx

                • Danielle R.

                  Already bought it full price :weary: xx

                  • Kelly F.

                    Gutted I paid £44.99 a few weeks ago in Argos :tired_face:

                    • Gemma O.

                      Thank you... Also got the Annabelle half price too a few wks bk x