The Baby Annabell Christmas Review

5 November 2012

I was recently sent the latest incarnation of the Baby Annabell doll from Zapf Creations to review for the PlayPennies Christmas Gift Guide and it has proven to be one of the hardest items I’ve ever tested. Is this realistic baby toy a great Christmas gift or an expensive waste of money? Here’s how I got on…

The problem with Baby Annabell isn’t that she doesn’t work or that she is badly made, but rather the opposite. When I took her out of her packaging and inserted her batteries (not included) she started to gabble and goo so realistically that I was THIS close to making sure her nappy was dry and giving her a feed.

When you pop her bottle, filled with real water, into her mouth, she sucks on it convincingly. Her cheeks and mouth move and her eyes open and close and she makes sucking noises. According to the instructions she is supposed to cry two times out of three once you remove her bottle. As yet I’ve not managed to make her cry. Clearly our Baby Annabell is very happy with us.

When you stroke her forehead or put her on her back, she goes to sleep and makes a sigh or snooze noise. The latter is really funny. My daughter says, “Is that her sleeping noise, mommy? It sounds like she has a cold.” It is a bit like that, to be honest.

She is priced around £44.99. This is expensive. So here is my honest verdict. The special effects of moving mouth and realistic noises when feeding with her bottle and using her dummy are excellent. Creepy realistic, even. The fact that you can use water and really feed her, and that she cries real tears, make this compelling for kids and add to the value proposition.

She comes dressed in a cute outfit and the set includes the bottle, romper, dummy, blanket and doll, so there are lots of extras. However, she drove my husband and I insane within an hour as the noises are constant. That loses it points. The kids love it and they think the noises are great. They are the target market so that adds points.

I struggled to come up with a fair review here because Baby Annabell is expensive, but she is very, very realistic and the girls adore her. As a Christmas gift, this is a complete winner and I give it 8/10. As a toy that will have you sneaking into their room to turn it off, I give it 7/10. Overall it does get a Christmas gift award from me as I don’t see any little girl not loving her to pieces.

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