Baby Annabell Doll Half Price @ Argos

21 May 2011

babyAnnabellDoll Argos are currently selling this Baby Annabell doll for half price, £22.49 instead of £44.99.

I find posts about dolls really difficult to write; I loathed dolls and baby things as a kid, I was more into Star Wars, Lego, cars and go-karts and, to be honest, I still find them a bit creepy!

My great niece was given one of these Baby Annabell dolls for Christmas and she spent the ENTIRE day playing with her, putting her clothes on, taking them off, putting them back on and then taking them off again.

It was lovely to see her SO engrossed and, apparently, playing with dolls is good as it encourages responsibility - perhaps I should buy one each for my teenagers then!  But I digress, back to the Baby Annabell doll...

She< comes dressed in a pink romper suit and is like a real baby with realistic sounds and features (let's hope not realistic smells too!).

She drinks real water from her bottle and if you take it away from her, or she is woken up, then she cries real tears (someone please explain to me how this is 'fun'..?)

If you rock her she closes her eyes and goes to sleep and if you talk to her, she will 'talk' back with happy sounds.

Unlike a real baby this Baby Annabell doll requires 4AA batteries, which aren't included, and 3AG13 batteries, which are included (I have NO idea what they're like as I've never heard of AG13 batteries!) so if the crying gets a bit too much you can just take them out and she'll be v e r y quite.

Baby Annabell dolls are suitable for little people aged three years and over.

Thanks to 1616french at HUKD

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