Baby Annabell Bedroom Now £39 (Using Code) @ Debenhams

Baby Annabell Bedroom Now £39 (Using Code) @ Debenhams

EDIT: Currently out of stock but keeps coming back in so keep checking!

This is the best price yet for the new Baby Annabell Bedroom Play set. When it first came out it was priced at £65 which seems like a huge amount of money for a doll's toy.

However plenty of the shops have special offers on and the price keeps dropping. You can currently buy it at Debenhams for just £39!

Debenhams have taken 25% off the retail price making the Baby Annabell Bedroom £48.75. However if you enter the code MR94 at the checkout it takes an extra 20% off making it just £39 in total!

This set folds out to make a bedroom for Baby Annabell. There's everything she could need including lots of storage for all her accessories.

It has an extendable bed for her to sleep in complete with a little mobile to help her sleep soundly. There's shelves and compartments to store all of Baby Annabell's clothing and accessories. There's a little wardrobe built in with hangers to hang all of her special outfits too. There's a little mirror, a storage net and a pillow and blanket included.

Stock is running low so don't hang around if you want to order!

Home delivery is FREE on orders over £40 so it might be worth adding something small to your order to qualify. Otherwise it is £3.49.


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  • Sarah B.

    Out of stock now

    • Erica T.

      No stock but thank you cx

      • Stacey J.

        My little girls going to love it :heart_eyes: going to struggle not to give before Christmas :christmas_tree:

        • Nicola H.

          Omg this is the cutest! Xxx

          • Paula D.

            Aghhh out of stock will keep checking though thanks... it's on £5 off at Argos still £59 though!!! x

            • Ashley W.

              Thank you xx father Xmas actually has one ready! She's going to love it x

              • Lisa M.

                pops would absolutely love this xx

                • Rachael M.

                  this what I was telling u about x

                  • Barbara C.

                    It's massive x

                    • Rachael M.

                      I know wanted to see it in person before buying tho x

                    • Catherine F.

                      Thank you! Finally managed to get one and best price around!

                      • Natalie H.

                        Have they cancelled yours?? X

                        • Claire B.

                          Where did you get your one from pls ? X

                          • Catherine F.

                            Debenhams and put code mr94 to get further money off so was £39 when it's over £50 everywhere! They sell out but keep getting a bit of stock in so keep an eye out x

                            • Catherine F.

                              Natalie Howarth no just checked emails, have they cancelled some of them? I hope they don't, little one really wants this and it's a fortune everywhere else :scream:

                              • Claire B.

                                Thank you! X

                                • Natalie H.

                                  Yes I bought it from Debenhams last night and they have cancelled it x

                                • Lisa B.

                                  Out of stock - can you keep us updated on any other places that get it in stock??

                                  • PlayPennies

                                    We certainly will Lisa :)