Astronaut Spacepack Super Soaking Water Blaster Review

Aeromax Spacepack It is hot and sunny. Which makes me pretty happy. I can't remember the last time summer actually started in June, and not for two days at the start of April with a brief followup for a week in August.

If your kids are like mine then water pistols and the like are really popular at this time of the year. You can get those super soaker type water blasters that carry a lot of water and have a pretty long range.

However, if your kids is a little bit small, or has other mobility issues, then carrying all that water can be a bit too much. Which is why I was excited when we got the chance to try out the Aeromax Astronaut Spacepack. This little beauty keeps all that water in a wearable backpack.

I have to be honest though. Anything that involves assembly and attaching tubes never works very well or very long - in my experience. I didn't really have high hopes. Was I right or wrong? Well you'll have to read on to find out!

Aeromax Spacepack 1First off finding one of these for sale isn't that easy in the UK. Aeromax are an American company. I found this one on Amazon * for £12.95, which in super soaker terms isn't too bad a price. You do have to pay postage on that though as it isn't covered by Amazon Prime, being sold through 1st for Toys.

The Astronaut Spacepack super soaking water blaster has a range of over 30 feet. It can also blast water in two different directions at once.

Assembling the Spacepack was easy enough. The tube fits into a hole on the backpack. Somehow. I couldn't actually see it going in so I wasn't at all sure how on earth it was going to stay in there and not come out when the water started blasting.

Then the backpack slips on and you are good to go. Pulling the trigger on the gun causes the noses to point to each side, left and right. So you can shoot water straight ahead and then blast those to the sides without having to move. This took out a few playmates who weren't expecting the nozzles to move.

There was quickly a line of boys waiting to have a turn. It doesn't say how much water the gun holds on the box, but it is a lot. And it is easy to fill too. Several children had a play with this at our annual street party, and I was completely proven wrong. At no point did the tube come out! Also the water really did go quite a long way. I didn't measure though to see if it went as far as 30 feet.

Pros: good price for the size and type of blaster, holds lots of water, very portable, shoots in two directions, robust

Cons: takes a while to fill, hard to find online

Overall verdict: a good compromise if you're looking for something that holds a lot of water but is easier to carry than a super soaker type gun.

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