AniMagic Snuggle And Snooze Dolly The Pony £6.97 @ Argos

So here we have another Pillow Pets, Snuggz, Chubby Pillow Heads, Cutesy Pals incarnation in the form of this AniMagic Snuggle and Snooze Dolly the Pony, and she's all yours for £6.97 instead of £19.99 if you head over to Argos right now.

You'd think there'd be some sort of patent on a soft cuddly toy that unfolds to become a large flat cushion, or can stay folded up to be a snuggly pal who doubles up as a pillow.  There are now so many of this sort of cuddly thing that I've lost track of which one can be considered the 'original'.

What I do know about things like this Snuggle and Snooze Dolly the Pony, is kids ADORE them! My little niece has a ladybird PillowPet who she will not be parted from. I see kids in cars, and on trains and planes cuddled up with their versions of her.

They are rather awesome and I've yet to read a bad review about any of them. Dolly has some lovely reviews:

Fantastic bargain-great present...been buying for birthday parties coz every wee girl loves cuddling-always been in stock when wanted-would definitely recommend!!!!!

I bought this for my 5year old niece and its really good, fluffy and comfy. Definitely would recommend especially on offer.

Snuggle and Snooze Dolly the Pony is available to collect in-store for free, if your local Argos has stock (use to help you track her down, if they don't) OR, you can pay a few extra pounds and have Argos deliver her to you.

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