Animagic Pattie Goes Pee Pee £8.98 @ Argos eBay Outlet

7 October 2012

As very odd toys go, this one should probably get some kind of award. The mind boggles at how any toy development meeting came around to the idea of an animatronic dog toy that relieves itself on a regular basis. However, if this appeals to you on some level, it now costs only £8.98 including delivery charges.

The Animagic Pattie Goes Pee Pee toy comes complete with a very visual image of the dog doing just that. It’s the dog’s expression that makes me cackle though. Anyway, the actual toy costs £6.99 and delivery costs £1.99 so that’s how you get to the grand total of £8.98 for the toy.

The toy is suitable for ages three to four years (seems like a tight age grouping if you ask me) and you have to stroke the dog’s back to make it wee. Batteries are needed to, ahem, help the dog along and that’s a grand total of three AAA that are not included in the price.

Thanks to barky at HUKD!

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