Alex Bath Stickers £5.99 @

Alex Bath Stickers £5.99 @


Just last month I wrote a review on Alex Bath Stickers and now have the 'Beach' set on offer for £5.99 instead of £7.99, a good 25% off.

Alex Bath Stickers are really simple, but worth so much. I'm pretty certain they are the reason my 18 month old has such a good vocabulary – we go through everything in the bag every evening, and she spends ages in the bath playing with them, naming them, and sticking them to the sides of the bath.

The colourful stickers are phthalate free, so it's not so bad if your little one has a nibble on them, and they come with a mesh bag with suction cups, so the bag sticks to the wall. After bath time, Kyra pops them in the bag so they drip dry, ready for tomorrow night's play.

There are other sets available, but this is the 'Beach' set, with colour fish and sea creatures. Delivery is free and items are usually dispatched within two days.


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