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abney & teal neep

Abney & Teal is one of the top ten Children's CBeebies shows. I haven't seen it myself but I will be tuning in out of curiosity. as I'd quite like to know why on earth there is a neep with eyes, nose and a mouth. Now this neep sells for £14 @ Debenhams, so if you are a fan then this is really a no-brainer. Grab one of these as an add-on item on Amazon for only £3. Yikes, that's cheap!

Now I know in Scotland that the word neep means turnip. Is this what the wee character is meant to be? I think it but you can correct me if I am wrong. What does this plush rooted vegetable do? Squeeze it and it makes five different "neep, neep" sounds. Erm...I guess this is how the character speaks in the show.

In the description, they make this toy sound like it's the best thing you could buy you child of three years and over, with claims that it inspires children to explore, promotes confidence, and help them to use their imagination and communication skills. Here's me thinking it's just a soft toy with added noises.

CBeebies is a firm favourite with tots, so if your little one is a fan then it is worth slipping one of these Abney & Teal Plush toys in your Amazon basket with the rest of your order. It's worth noting that this has a two week wait for shipping, so no use if you are in a hurry.

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