80% Off Cloud Pets Interactive Soft Toys Now £5.99 @ The Entertainer (Expired)

80% Off Cloud Pets Interactive Soft Toys Now £5.99 @ The Entertainer (Expired)

If you haven't seen Cloud Pets before then this price tag will certainly make you take a second look!

The Entertainer have knocked a whopping 80% off the £29.99 price tag making these fab interactive toys just £5.99 each!

Cloud Pets are large interactive soft toys that you can use to send and record voice messages to family and friends. Parents can then approve the message on an app and deliver it straight to their little ones' Cloud Pet. Once the message has been received, squeeze the Cloud Pet's paw to play.

Little ones can also record their message and send it to a Cloud Pet friend anywhere in the world. This is a great idea if you have friends or family in different parts of the country or globe, it's a lovely way for your little ones to feel that they can speak to them whenever they wish.

There are different characters available, they are: Bear*, Bunny*, Cat*, Unicorn* and Dog*.

There's also games and stories available and parents can even send a lullaby to the toy for their little one's to play at bedtime. Most importantly there are built in security features so that parents can monitor the messages. It is compatible with either an iPhone, iPad and Android devices with Bluetooth 4.0.

Home delivery is £3.99 and becomes FREE if you spend £40 or more. You can Click and Collect your order for FREE to your local store if you spend £10 or more.


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  • Anna W.

    These are fab, got one for my niece n we love sending each other msgs x bargain price

    • Lesley C.

      margo would love one of these x

      • Christina W.

        I got one each for the kids, one for Aiden's birthday. The look like such a great idea and the price is amazing!!! Xx

        • Natasha J.

          These are brilliant. Got my daughter one for Christmas. hubby works away but now he can send her bedtime messages.

          • Nic1405

            not surprised they have 80% off the amount of times I've tried to connect it to my phone and it just connects then disconnects tried countless new batteries but just won't hold a connection, the app is full of ads too unless you fork out for the full version. Ended up just being another soft toy for the collection 

            • Lisa A.

              I paid 5.99 for mine bought for my son for Christmas can send messages and if songs on it too x

              • Sian S.

                Ladies don't waste your money !!! I bought two yesterday ... Thinking ( and told ) they were a bargain. The lady showed us what they did and so I bought them. I even asked the question will I have to pay for the app she said no !! Now home I have two where the app just crashes ( so you can't send a message from the bear) and to get the proper app you have to pay - so all games and stories etc aren't free !!! I feel like they saw me coming !!! Save your money !!! X

                • Kayleigh G.

                  We got two for xmas and find them great my son loves his we send him a message every night at bedtime n he sends one back. Have you tryed the app on a different phone

                  • Fee B.

                    We got 2 for Christmas and think they are fab! Daddy and I send the boys regular voice messages

                    • Sian S.

                      I tried on two different tablets. Have u paid for the premium app or just the one you get free !?!

                    • Anne E.

                      Terrible volume is inconsistent app kept crashing awful item waste of money if they are handing them out for free!! X

                      • Hayley F.

                        These are amazing, bought one for my one year old and all family have the app and can send her messages. X

                        • Tracey W.

                          Don't bother they are a waste of money. UTTER RUBBISH!!! :rage::rage::rage:

                          • Sara B.

                            Absolute rubbish messages don't hardly go through unless you're in the same house! Plus got stories and songs you have to pay x

                            • Kayleigh G.

                              Brought two of these at Xmas and they great my son loves his we send him a message everynight at bedtime and he sends one back he loves it. Yes if your want to upgrade the app it 1.99 but you dnt have to have the upgrade version.

                              • Donna W.

                                Can someone please explain how I work it got it at xmas followed instructions and can't do it :joy::speak_no_evil: xx

                                • Lorraine R.

                                  I pd about 6 pound for one. It's quiet good bought it last October. Ish

                                  • Holly M.

                                    I got these and I think they are absolutely brilliant. I would recommend buying the £5 app as there are so many ads etc on the free one. It's brilliant and kids love tjem