6v Electric QuadBike £29.99 @ ToysRUs

6v Electric QuadBike £29.99 @ ToysRUs

quadBikePink*screeching of tyres* VROOM!!! VROOOOOMMM!!!  OK so maybe this little 6v electric quad bike won't go VROOM VROOM and it won't wheel-spin either but a girl can dream

I was never a girly-girl; I rarely wear pink, I'm a rabid rugby fan, ride motorbikes and can think of few things better than a weekend of motorsport! For those of you with little girls like me, this Trimoto quad bike will earn you a HUGE stack of parental brownie points and a very happy non-Barbie-petrol-head daughter (yes I know it doesn't run on petrol but non-Barbie-electric-head daughter just doesn't have the same ring to it!).

quadBikeBlueOhhh alright - I can't leave the boys out, I just spotted a blue boy-version, it's HERE if you have a little boy-racer who'd go mad for one of these but isn't into pink just yet!

So the price and spec' - well those lovely people over at Toys'R'Us have reduced it from £59.99 down to £29.99 so if you want one I suggest you dont' hang around because they'll be gone SOON.  They're suitable for little peeps aged 12 months or more and standard delivery is just £4.95.

The charge time is between 10 and 12 hours and it's top speed it 2.5kph - or 1.5534mph in old money - so there'll be no speeding fines to pay if your little racer decides to go for it and twist the throttle wide open.

The ride time is about 50  minutes  which is probably just long enough for both of you - happy ride-on racing!

Thanks to jenniecakes over at HUKD


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