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It's funny, I was just chatting to a friend at the weekend about our favourite toys as children, we both said it was our Tiny Tears doll and we both still have them for our children to play with. If you were a big fan of the classic Tiny Tears doll then here is your chance to get one for your little ones. At Amazon right now they have the retro classic John Adams Tiny Tears Doll for just £14.59. That's a whopping 58% off the retail price of £34.99. Oooh the nostalgia...

Tiny Tears is the original doll to drink real water from a bottle, cry real tears and use the potty like a real baby. Also included in the set are a few accessories: pull up knickers, potty, hairbrush, dummy, bottle and nappy. The arms, legs and head are all moveable.

If I hadn't have just bought my daughter the Baby Annabell we told you about earlier, then I would definitely be getting this for my 3 year old. She would love the idea of being able to brush her hair, most dolls nowadays don't have long hair so it is a great feature. She would love the idea of feeding the baby real water and being able to change their nappy or put them on the potty like a real baby.

I love the retro feel of this doll, let us know via our Facebook page if you had the original Tiny Tears and if you still have it, we would love to know!

Home delivery is free if you spend over £20 or are an Amazon Prime member, otherwise delivery starts at £3.30.

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