3rd & Bird Swing Around Playset £7.65 @ Debenhams

15 July 2010

3rd & Bird Swing Around Playset 1 3rd & Bird Swing Around Playset 1aBoth my son, and my step son when he was a pre-schooler, loved recreating their favourite TV shows and movies. They both have such a capacity for creating and living in a totally imaginary world that it has always astounded me. If you've a child like that in your life then you know how much they get out of toys like the 3rd and Bird Swing Around Playset. Debenhams have reduced this one down from £17 to £7.65. Delivery is £3.99.

At five my son is a little old for 3rd & Bird, although it is aimed at 2 to 6 year olds. Which is a shame as it is a lovely show. He still likes to watch CBeebies now and again, so I have seen the odd episode. Being from New Zealand, my favourite character is of course Mrs Billingsly. She is the grandmotherly Kiwi, who wears pearls and a straw hat.

The idea behind the show is to teach children about community. As the show's creator Josh Selig describes it, 3rd & Bird is about  " a colourful and quirky community of birds who learn about life, friendship and responsibility in the branches of their beautiful tree".

3rd & Bird Swing Around Playset 2The playset comes with 2 inch high Muffin, Rudy and Samuel characters, which are made of soft flocked material. Characters can be placed on their swings and the lamp post turned on for spinning and swinging actions.

Thanks to andywedge at HUKD!

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  • andywedge
    Hi You say "Delivery is £3.99" It isn't if you use code SHX8 or SHD1
  • LynleyOram
    Thanks Andy! that makes it an even better bargain!
  • andywedge
    You're welcome LynleyOram

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