3 for 2 On All Play-Doh @ Toys R Us

3 for 2 On All Play-Doh @ Toys R Us

The Christmas tree revealed nothing for the kids to do indoors? Never fear! Toys R Us has a special offer where you can buy two and get the third for free on all Play-Doh, which is brilliant stuff for keeping them entertained on cold and wet days.

Play-Doh has an impressive choice available as you can get the Ice Cream Cone container for £6.99, Excavator playset for £12.99, Flip N Frost cookies for £11.99, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse items from as little as £4.99 and so much more.

Remember that the cost of the free item will be the cheapest so try not to take anything too cheap otherwise you won’t really benefit from this epic deal. Certainly Toys R Us have a huge selection of Play-Doh items in this offer – 41 to be exact – so you’re not really pressed for choice.


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