25% Off All KRE-O Transformer Toys @ Toys R Us

As yet, I've not been harassed by my youngest to buy him any KRE-O Transformers but I'm sure it's coming!

KRE-O Transformers are, essentially, Transformers but in 'Lego' form (it's not Lego, well not trademarked Lego anyway) and as my youngest is a HUGE Lego fan and a bit of a Transformers nut, you can see why I'm bracing myself.

I'm in two minds whether to pre-empt his requests, take advantage of this 25% off all KRE-O Transformer toys at Toys R Us and buy his favourite characters now; OR, sit tight, hope he doesn't notice them and save myself some money.

Yeah, I know - wishful thinking at its very best!

The Megatron set is usually £34.99, but with the 25% applied he becomes a slightly more palatable £26.25.

Basic models are £6.74 with the discount taken off and the most expensive one is KRE-O Transformers Optimus Twin Cycles who's usually a whopping £69.99!  Even with 25% off he's still £52.50 *gulp*

You've got until Tuesday 18 October to take advantage of this 25% off all KRE-O Transformers deal, or until Toys R Us run out of stock.

Thanks to hank2spoons at HUKD 

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